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Hello Friends, I am excited to share my journey through faith, hope, and love with you. I love writing from the heart and my blog serves as the perfect portal to share with you all my heart through the wisdom I have gained, challenges I have overcome, and personal development I seek. Please subscribe and feel free to share my posts. Find out more about me below. Peace and blessings to you! – Tam

As a writer, an entrepreneur, and lover of faith in Christ, I often have times where I just need to tell my story to as many people as I can. My heart gets full to overflowing and this blog is an outlet to connect with others who I think must be feeling, pondering, wrestling with, needing, etc. the same things as me. Plus, I am a free thinker. Being a free thinker sometimes gets in the way of getting one’s message out; so I created this blog to provide a place of safety for those who need refuge in the Word of God.  I post new blogs as Penspiration hits.  Please subscribe as we go on the journey of self discovery through words and the Word.  I am also available for Freelance Writing. View my profile at LinkedIn or contact me on my Website and let’s connect.  Also, please “Like” my Facebook page so we can stay connected more often!

Christian Authorpreneur, Tamecia “Tam” Jackson, an accomplished Author, Poet, Spoken Word Performer, Recording Artist, Radio Host & Emcee, stepped away from the arts in 2012 to pursue full-time ministry; sharing the message of Christ’s return.  In 2017, Tam embarked on a journey to re-discover writing as a part of her ministry.  An earth-shattering family ordeal inspired her to write her newest book ‘Mother of the Accused: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Fighting for Faith and Family’ * released on January 27, 2018.  Visit her Website to find out more!

*About my new publication: My son, Army Veteran PFC Steven A. McDowell, was falsely accused of two felony burglaries and faced twenty years in prison.  It was my greatest test of faith as a mother and Christian woman to do whatever I could to clear my son’s name.  By God’s grace, through an investigative TV News report and the hard work of reporter Courtney Crown of WHNT News 19, along with help from the community, I am happy to report my son has been exonerated! God is great!   It was my pleasure and mission to fight for my son and now to present the story of faith in ‘Mother of the Accused: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Fighting for Faith and Family’ to you as a gift of love to aid in helping you to fight for your faith and family in any situation!  This book is made available for a donation (plus shipping) exclusively on the website.  Order now

(You may view more details, a time-line of events and videos, and follow more of the journey at The MisIdentication of Steven McDowell on Facebook.)

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{Last updated Feb. 8, 2018.}

Posted December 14, 2010 by Simply Tam, LLC

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